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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Spanish Robin Hood?

~Read the text and then use the words below to fill the gaps.

A mayor in a small Spanish town has become a hero (1) ____ helping steal food from supermarkets to give to the poor. The modern-(2) ____  Robin Hood is Juan Manuel Sanchez Gordillo, 59, the elected leader of the southern town of Marinaleda in Andalusia. Mayor Gordillo has (3) ____ from prosecution under Andalusian law and so can break the law without being arrested. He has so far (4) ____ several raids on supermarkets to hand out the stolen food to poor families. Unfortunately, those helping him are not immune from prosecution and seven have been arrested for (5) ____. Gordillo has been mayor for 30 years and his recent exploits have seen his popularity skyrocket, with crowds gathering to see his food (6) ____.
Many Spaniards are (7) ____ severe economic conditions. A quarter of Spain's workforce is jobless and austerity measures mean many now live (8) ____ poverty. Things are even worse in Andalusia where unemployment is over 30 per cent. Mr Gordillo defended his role in stealing food for the (9) ____ well-off. He said: "There are people who don't have enough to eat. In the 21st century, this is an (10) ____ disgrace." Spain's conservative government has criticised Gordillo, accusing him of (11) ____ part in publicity stunts to boost his own popularity. The mayor retaliated by saying he would happily accept being arrested. He is currently (12) ____ a three-week anti-austerity protest march to Spain's capital Madrid.
Put the correct words from the table below in the above article.

True or False?
a.The people in a small town are angry their mayor is stealing food.T / F
b.The mayor cannot be arrested for stealing the food.T / F
c.The mayor only organizes the stealing but does not actually steal it.T / F
d.The mayor said prices have skyrocketed for 30 years.T / F
e.Around 25% of Spain's workforce is unemployed.T / F
f.Unemployment in the mayor's region is double the national average.T / F
g.The mayor said he understood his actions were a disgrace.
T / F
h.The mayor is now on a three-week protest walk to Madrid.T / F


7.povertyg.hit back

Source: Breaking news English.

Follow link for full lesson plan and answers:

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