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Monday, 20 December 2010

speak slowly

Ernie tells bert to go to the kitchen because the bread is burning. Bert tells Ernie to "slow down" because he can't understand a word. Ernie speaks more slowly and says; "The bread that you put in the toaster is burning".
Which of these things can you find in a kitchen?

table, oven, armchair, toilet, washing machine, hair dryer, cupboard, bed, curtains, sink, bath, carpet, fridge, television, desk, cooker, microwave, wardrobe, toaster.

What are the names of these other rooms?

1. In the living room there is a green sofa (couch). On the sofa there are 3 pillows. There are 2 armchairs. In the middle of the room there is a small coffee table. There are 2 lamps. In the middle of the room there is a small coffee table. There are 2 big bookcases behind the sofa.
2. In the dining room there is a table and some chairs
3. In the bedroom there is a bed and some curtains.
4. In the bathroom there is a toilet, a sink a bath and a small cat.
5. In the kitchen there is a fridge, a cooker, a sink and many cupboards. On top of the fridge there is a small cat in a basket.

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