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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Fawlty Towers (The rat)

 Fawlty Towers is a comedy series set in a hotel
The main characters are:

Mr Fawlty (Basil) -The hotel manager
Mrs Fawlty (Cebil) -Basil's wife
Manuel- Waiter and porter
Polley- Waitress and receptionist

Sub characters- The hotel inspector, Major (hotel guest)
Check words/phrases

How on earth...
Popped out

Match with the correct explanation/synonym

a) A person/animal/teddy bear who likes to hug others or who others want to hug.
b) A bird that is similar to a dove but usually grey. There are a lot in cities and many people think they're dirty.
c) The name given to animals like mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils etc
d) A desert; eg- a cake
e) When things are working well and in order.
f) Said to express surprise at a situation.
g) Dirty/unclean
h) To go outside for a short time.
i) When someone robs you/steals your things; usually with force/threats.

Watch the video and answer the questions

1) Who does the man who is looking in the fridge work for?
2) What problems does he find with the hotel?
3) What instructions does Mr Fawlty give to Manuel?
4) Why is Manuel depressed?
5) Where do they take the rat?
6) What does Manuel tell Polly about the rat?

After you've watched the video...

Write at least 100 words on what you think is going to happen next...
What is going to happen to the rat?
What is the health inspector going to do?
How are Basil and the others going to deal with the situation?

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