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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Adverb song (Tom Leher) LY

What is the difference between an adverb and an adjective?
Adjectives are used to describe things (nouns)    
Adverbs are used to describe actions (verbs)

EXAMPLE:    1. The man is quiet                       2.  The man speaks quietly
                      (he doesn't say much)                            (He doesn't speak loud)

We add LY to adjectives to make adverbs.

Listen to the song, which adverbs are used?

Write a short story. Use at least 5 adverbs
The unlucky day

Mary woke up late. It was nine o' clock and she had to be at work by nine thirty. She quickly brushed her teeth and got dressed. She waited patiently for the bus and after ten minutes it finally arrived. There wasn't a lot of traffic but the driver was driving very slowly. She felt angry with the driver and worried about her boss. She then got off the bus and hurried to work. Her boss said he was very disapointed, he looked at her very fiercely and told her to sit down. She said "Sorry" and politely explained her problem. He said, "It's too late, your fired!"

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