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Saturday, 12 February 2011

Gingers do have souls

A young American boy with red hair is angry because on the programme south park they said that people with ginger hair do not have souls.  (WARNING: contains swear words)
What else is he angry about?

Match the words/phrases with the words in bold

sad/angry                                                    insult

bully, it hurts my feelings, put down, irritates, demeaning, upset, furious, pick on, slanderous, make fun of, it pisses me off, I'm tired of it.

Watch the video again and answer the questions:

1) What do they call him at school?
2) Why don't they know who has a soul?
3) How does he feel about the insults?
4) How does he feel about his hair colour?

The boy in the video says that he has contemplated suicide, which means that he is so upset about the bullying that he has thought about killing himself.
How can we stop this bullying?
Use these words to explain what these people can do:              
must                                                      The boy in the video
have/has to                                           The children in school
should                                                    His parents
could                                                      The teachers

The boy in the video must tell his teacher the names of the children who are making fun of him.
His parents should talk to the head teacher about this problem.

REMEMBER: Must and have to are used when we give strong advice
                          You have to go to school everyday!!!
                          Should and could are used to make suggestions
                          If your tired you could go to sleep for a few hours.
                          must, should and could are all modal verbs.

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