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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Is the parrot dead or just resting?

A customer is complaining about a parrot that he bought from the pet shop

Make sentences about the video with the words/phrases below.

1.The customer says the parrot is dead but the pet shopkeeper says that the parrot is just resting.

stunned       pushing out the daisies        

 passed on             expired and gone to meet it's maker     deceased

pining for the fields             kipping on its back             tired and shagged out

Watch the video again and answer these question

1. What does the customer say and do to try and wake up the parrot?
2. Why can't the parrot move off its perch?
3. What does the customer say is the only way to get anything done in this country?
4. What does the pet shop worker offer the customer instead of a parrot?
5.  What does the pet shop worker say he wanted to be?

Role play- customer complaints
  • Write a conversation between a customer and a shop assistant.
1. A customer has bought a mobile phone but it keeps turning itself off.
2. A customer wants to return a pair of shoes because they do not fit.
3. A customer wants to cancel a ticket for a train journey.

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