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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New year- 2012 (twenty twelve/two thousand and twelve)

In English speaking countries new years eve is always on the 31st December. People usually celebrate in the evening of the 31st. At ten seconds before midnight they do a new year countdown. They say; ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, happy new year! When the clock strikes twelve the fireworks go off and people kiss, hug and say; happy new year! The 1st day of the year (January 1st) is called new years day. New years day is a public holiday in Britain. Which means that most people get the day off work. Every year people make new years resolutions before the start of the new year. Common new years resolutions are to give up smoking and go to the gym. But many people break their new years resolutions. They start smoking again and don't go to the gym. They can always make new years resolutions again in the following year.

Put these new year events in order

people kiss, hug and say; happy new year
people break their new years resolutions
New years day
people go to parties
the clock strikes twelve
people make new years resolutions
they do a new year countdown
New years eve

Match the words with the correct meaning

midnight=    12am/ 12pm
go off=        leave/start
public holiday=  national holiday/ holiday for those who work with the pubic
day off=  bad day/ a day without work
fireworks= colours in the sky that make a lot of noise/ people who work with fire
give up= to stop/ to take

Not everyone in the world celebrates new year on the 31st December. The Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, and Buddhist calenders celebrate new year on a different day every year because they relate the the new year to the cycles of the moon. The Chinese new year also relates to lunar cycles and is the most important festival in China today. January 1st was not the first day of the year in Scotland until 1600 and it was the first country to recognize January 1st as new years day!
To find out more about new year across the world, look at this page.

Name of religion (n)              name of person (adj)                name of object (adj)
Islam                                                    Muslim                                             Islamic
Judaism                                                Jew                                                  Jewish
Hinduism                                             Hindu                                               Hindu
Buddhism                                            Buddhist                                           Buddhist
Christianity                                          Christian                                           Christian
Catholicism                                         Catholic                                            Catholic
Protestantism                                       Protestant                                         Protestant
Sikhism                                                Sikh                                                   Sikh


A Catholic goes to church on Sundays.
There is a lot of Islamic art in Seville.
There are many different types of Buddhists.

Grammar (prepositions of time) In, At, On

In, At or On?

January, 31st December, morning, night, winter, morning, midnight, 11pm, Sunday, December, spring, new year, new years day, Christmas, my birthday, the week, the weekend.

Example: In January

2012 is a leap year

A leap year is every four years and has one extra day. 2012 can be said in two ways.

1. When is the extra day?
2. What are the two ways of saying 2012?

To find out more about 2012 look at this page

Do you have any new years resolutions?

Here are some common new years resolutions.  Match part 1 and 2.

1                                                                    2
give up                                                           the gym
watch less                                                       weight
study                                                               smoking
save                                                                 T.V
go to                                                                English
do                                                                    money
lose                                                                  exercise

Do you have any new years resolutions this year?

This page has some ideas

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