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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Useful websites for English learners

1. Websites with activities and videos designed for English learners

My English blog. If you “follow” the blog you will be sent an email each time the blog is updated.

BBC learn English. Full of short videos, quizzes, crosswords and other activities.

BBC learning English, You Tube channel.

The British council learn English. Listening podcasts, which you can view online or download. Plus lots of games and language learning activities.

Another interactive website for learning English.

Aprende ingles, canal sur. There are two T.V programmes but you can also find many videos on you tube.

2. Online dictionaries

Dictionary. English to Spanish or Spanish to English. It also has other languages.

English dictionary, thesaurus, quotes and translations up to 100 words.

Oxford advanced learners dictionary. Monolingual dictionary with clear explanations.
Especially good for understanding phrasal verbs.

3.Exam information and preparation

The official website for all Cambridge exams. Details about the exams and some past exam papers.

Lots of activities and exam practice for many Cambridge exams. Very helpful for The First certificate.

  1. Authentic materials which are used by English speakers

A popular daily British newspaper

A useful website for world news which has many interesting videos and articles from around the world.

Videos for inspirational people to talk about their ideas. Some of the ideas are good. You can watch the videos with subtitles.

A wide range of documentaries, free to watch online.

A wide variety of radio programmes.

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